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I was practicing coloring- I still need to work on it! o3o)b

2nd picture is the overall process of the fan art I’ve drawn.

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REBLOGGED sherlocksfancycheekbones 2 months ago (ORIGINALLY thecrazygirlwhodraws)

I’m at a friend’s sweet sixteen. I feel out of place here, not really used to parties (I don’t get invited to much)

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Hey do any of you know where I can watch Der Tourist!?! Pleesase help!

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does anyone want to be a beta reader for four unfinished professor waltz one-shots and one long unfinished Hans Landa fic??!?


Come on anyone?!?  

there’s smut in the professor waltz ones!

Just send me an ask, and the fics are yours! so to speak

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Hey I find I’m kinda stuck with a bit of a problem. I really want to do a Loki (Avengers) cosplay, but I have no idea on how to accomplish this. could someone help me out? Patterens, tutorials, pointers anything that would helpful!