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Dorfmann takes the train.

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Gentlemen of the Reich.

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Patrick Seitz and Christine Marie Cabanos, the English dub voices for Gamagoori and Mako in Kill la Kill, really embody their characters!

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"A Vendetta For The Hunter"

Sequel to "Putting Out The Fire With Kerosene"

Hans Landa//Post-Inglourious Basterds


Part Six:

Silver Words Never Ring True

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Ivory and Pearl gripped pistols. Heavily engraved. Luger, Mauser, Colt

Ohhh my GOD YES.

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Concerning “Tell Me Something” yes there is a plot in mind that I am building up to so possibly that will end up resolving in maybe three more parts possibly four? Now this is just an estimate. (And it was just updated link here)

For “A Vendetta For the Hunter” that was just updated (Link here) that I will be adding up the chapters I forgot to upload and then after they are all up I will start writing new chapters. I believe there are two more left to upload.

"The King and His Queen" -The King Schultz Fan fic-, I  plan to work on that sometime soon. So possible update much later on if I get to it.

And as for Fics that are planed I sort of have a BBC Musketeers- Cardinal Richelieu fic I want to write so that is one that will be in the works soon.

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German Shepherds and their little floppy ears. There is nothing I do not like about this.


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Perfect nose. Just sayin.

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"A lot more women in this world would speak very good German if they had Christoph Waltz as their tutor." — Kerry Washington

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Tell Me Something || Professor Waltz: Part Ten


Amalie was in her dorm, pulling together some of her things she would need for her trip back home. Really it wasn’t much, just a few things and her exam grades.

With the end of the semester came a break in between. Five weeks away from campus and from Professor Waltz. She didn’t have to take the break, she could stay on campus if she wanted to be technical about it. Though her family was anxious to see her. It was difficult to weigh her choice, she wanted to stay but also she wanted to leave and see see her parents and siblings again.

Amalie moved to the door of Professor Waltz’s lecture hall, where she knew she would find herself inevitably. She walked down the stairs to walk over to Professor Waltz’s office since he wasn’t at his desk.

Knocking at the door, Amalie waited and stood for her professor at the door-her hands playing at her back. Professor Waltz soon opened the door his expression shifting pleasantly when he saw her. His hand pressed to the frame for the door, as he looked down at Amalie, he had yet to say a word-it almost appeared as if her were nervous to.

"Professor, I just wanted to say good bye for the break-we won’t be seeing each other for some time," she said, her eyes a little down cast as she bit her lips.

It was the day after their little toss in the library. Amalie wasn’t sure if it was just a spur of the moment or what but she knew she would miss Professor Waltz terribly for the five weeks time and he was the reason she might have stayed, and would have not wanted to go.

"What did I say about biting you lips Amalie?" He asked with a smirk.

Amalie looked up, a wide smirk of her own meeting her lips at his remark though she couldn’t help the biting amount of blush that kicked at her cheeks as she looked at his grinning visage.

"You told me not to," she said as she took a step forward.

Professor Waltz nodded, his brow raising a moment as if to silently accent his previous point.

"So what do you think you are doing hm?" He asked playfully, taking a step himself. Professor Waltz smoothed a hand across Amalie’s cheek, his eye welling deep within hers.

"Doing what you told me not to," She said plainly.

Professor Waltz opened his mouth a moment to say a word in response to what Amalie said but then promptly rethought his response. He chuckled lightly as his head leaned lightly to the side.

"Is that so?" He remarked lightly, "Well I’ll have to remedy that of course."

"You’ve been stalling enough Professor," she said though she couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

Professor Waltz lifted his chin a bit at this, his hand smoothing more to the back of Amalie’s head. “Not stalling, we were just talking-you are so anxious,” he teased just before he moved his lips to hers.

Amalie felt comfortable sharing in another kiss with him. It was different than the library, she didn’t have her thoughts in the way-this time it was just a decision she could make. There were no jumbled feelings in the way no nothing, only him. Amalie moved her arms around his neck, humming lightly  as she kissed back.

She could feel Professor Waltz kiss back while his hands had moved to Amalie’s waist, holding her. As he did her hum escalated just lightly. The slight kiss they shared was growing quite quickly in intensity-though neither of the two seemed to mind. Professor Waltz tilted his head back a bit as he took in a small breath, hovering over Amalie’s lips a brief moment before moving back to reclaim them.

Even as he felt her lips so clearly on his own, as he moved back Professor Waltz couldn’t wrap his mind entirely on the fact of his own action. Even back at the library the memory was a slight daze in his mind, and now he had to hold on tight to Amalie’s waist to make sure it was real. Although her slight hums and her slow teaming fingers moving up the nape of his neck was reassurance enough and well enough to gain a hum from his lips.

Amalie parted half way as she felt the hum, she lifted her chin a bit as she experimentally moved her tongue toward Professor Waltz’s bottom lip. She traced a line a his lip, her motion slow. Professor Waltz met her tongue with his, his hands pulling her closer by her waist as he took a few steps back into his office. The touch of their tongues was light at first, almost shy but Amalie soon grew accustomed to the feel. She moved closer, pushing Professor Waltz’s glasses up a bit as she moved again in a kiss.

Their tongues moved together, mixing with hums from the both and the tight hands of neither who wanted to tear away any time soon. At the moment when they needed air, Amalie took in a quick breath-as well as Professor Waltz. She didn’t moved back to a fervent kiss, rather just small chaste kisses at his lips which he returned. Amalie brushed her fingers through his hair as she took time in her soft kisses, even enjoying the feel of the stubble against her cheeks.

"I’m going to miss you Professor," She said lightly, her eyes softer now.

"It’s only five weeks, you’ll see me again soon mein liebeling," he counters, kissing her lightly for her reassurance.

"But I won’t be able to talk to you, no more conversations, for five weeks-that is hardly fair, it sounds more like a half way punishment," she pressed.

Professor Waltz chuckled, then saying, “Well the conversations part is an easily solved issue.”

He moved from he a moment, walking toward the now very short distance to his desk. Really if Amalie had him take another step she would had him propped at the desk. He chuckled inwardly, that would have to be for another time.

Professor Waltz moved inside his desk and pulled out a pen and a stray portion of paper, he wrote his number on it and then handed it off to Amalie-smiling lightly.

"There now we don’t have to worry anymore," he said with a smirking smile.

Amalie smiles as she takes the paper, glancing for a moment at the number before placing it in her pocket. Though her smile shifts a moment as if she just thought of something.

"Wait, can I see that pen," Amalie asked.

"Sure," He says handing the pen over as asked.

Amalie takes the pen but also a hold of Professor Waltz’s hand, then glancing up to him with a bit of a smirk. “Just thought I’d give you mine too. And I was feeling cheeky enough to write on you,” she said as she wrote her number on his hand.

"Cheeky would be an apt description," he said as he looked at his hand,"You’ve been getting quite bold-just what have I done to cause that?"

"so sure it was you’re doing Professor," She teased as she kissed his lips then his cheek as she began to move away, "Hm I might need to help you with modesty."

"Auf Wiedersehen Amalie," he drawled-his smile widening.

"See you in the Fall Professor."

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get to know me (10 actors): robert downey jr.

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